Japanese Akita Canada

It all started back in 2003 when my husband and & imported our first Japanese Akita from Europe. Bonna was our first Akita and perhaps the first Akita Inu that made it to Canada. After all the attention our Akita was getting from people around us we decided to import a male to keep her company when we�re off to work. We soon realized that breeding bonna to Goku might not be a bad idea after all; the puppies were gorgeous and were proud to announce the first Japanese Akita litter in 2005! After all puppies were homed, We had a high demand for Japanese Akitas in Canada specifically in Ontario, What started as fun soon enough turned into a small breeding business to feed Canada�s demand for this rare breed. .

We then decided to continue the journey of breeding beautiful Japanese Akitas in Canada; thus we started importing high quality Akitas from Japan/Spain/Italy and expanded our family to 3 Males (Rocky, Goku, Buk) and 6 females. We currently average at 2 liters per year, most of our puppies are usually reserved prior to birth due to the rareness of Japanese Akita in Canada.